Equipment Installations

Equipment Installations

Equipment Rebates

Generous rebates for energy efficient equipment upgrades from Mass Save. Learn more here.

Heating and Cooling Equipment

At Falconi Energy we are experts in all types of residential heating and air conditioning systems. What this means to our customers is that you will benefit from our experienced consultation. The advancement in technology has brought about a more complex array of options and solutions for everyone. This relates to sizing considerations, control mechanisms, and the heating or cooling technology itself. We do not just recommend quality equipment. We want to understand your objectives - first. We then take your objectives, like fuel efficiency or other home comfort considerations, and recommend a system that makes modern technology and control work for you.

Consider Installing an A/C System

There are new technologies that make it simple to have the comfort of central air at a fraction of the cost. For example, many of our customers without central air systems are opting for the new split ductless systems that are efficient and very effective. Also, did you know that if you have a hot air heating system you already have the duct work to install a central air conditioning system? If this is the case, you can install a system for a fraction of the cost.

New Fuel Oil Heating Technology Saves

Did you know that the majority of home heating systems that use oil could be upgraded to save an average of 30% per year? This is virtually an entire tank-full of fuel saved each and every year. If your boiler is over 15 years of age, these savings can have a real payback - quickly - and improve the value of your home. And, this newer oil heat technology is very eco-friendly, equal in fact to alternative energy sources.

Natural Gas

We install and service a wide spectrum of natural gas systems. Unlike most companies that provide gas services in the MetroWest area, Falconi Energy is local. That means, unlike a big utility, that we are here to assist you throughout your entire installation process. We offer service plans for natural gas that include availability for emergency service. See the “Gas Heat” tab on the home page for more information on natural gas services.

How You Can Benefit by Installing a New Heating System

There has never been a better time to make energy efficiency improvements to your home! Through Mass Save® energy saving programs, you may be eligible for 0% interest loans on equipment upgrades, rebates on equipment installations, and other related energy efficiency incentives.

0% Loan Financing on Equipment Installations

up to $25,000 with terms of up to seven years!

Rebates from Top Manufacturers

on qualifying energy efficient heating and hot water heating equipment!

Save up to 30% on Annual Energy Costs

simply by installing qualifying, up-to-date heating and cooling systems!

Call us to learn more about these benefits, or visit for further information.